7 ways to make a passive income – (so you can sit back and relax)

Once you start looking into how you can make a passive income, then finding a way to do this becomes the ultimate goal which everyone is striving for. A passive income will be extra money coming into your life so that you will not need to trade your time for money anymore. This is money that flows into your cash account month after month while you are doing nothing, so you can sit back and relax and enjoy the easy life.

Take a look at this amazing quote by Warren Buffett, that is so true “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work right up until you die”

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7 ways to make a Passive Income

The truly amazing news for you is this, you do not need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to this, there are lots of passive income streams already out there that you can copy, and many of them all ready have the education tools and resources you need, for you to do this successfully

The truth is this, if you want to set up a passive income it will take a lot of hard work and dedication in the beginning. This won’t just happen, very few people can make any money without the required effort to start it up properly in the first place.

But the reality is there are sometimes any number of ways to make passive earnings over time should you be ready to do the difficult work upfront, to create this ideal life, with this income coming into yourself while you sleep. You will need to invest your time and your money, and probably both if you wish to be able to get a passive income for life forever.

1: Promote products and make affiliate income.

Internet affiliate marketing is simply promoting businesses services or products and in return for you doing this, they give you a commission for your efforts.

You don’t require an online website or even a blog site to be able to do this, you basically sign up to a business internet affiliate program, they give you your unique link and away you go. You simply begin promoting these items throughout the internet.

Many of these Affiliate programs are free to sign up too but the odd one will charge you for signing up with them. I say avoid these that charge as there are thousands that don’t charge you so why pay extra when in the end when you have no need to do this.

A work of warning here this way sounds simple to do. Yes the signing on and getting your unique code is, but then you will likely need training and use of the right tools how to find a way to earn cash through doing affiliate marketing. You and I have become aware of spamming so just adding your links everywhere will not really be sufficient in the online world anymore. Follow this link if you need the best platform to learn where to do affiliate marketing correctly, with the best training CLICK HERE.

2: Begin a Blog

If there is a hobby or something you are you passionate about, then why not share this with the world. Anyone could literally write about anything.

If you are into a chosen subject and your website visitors reading it can feel your passion when you wrote it, then you can earn cash from it.

Check this article how to write a blog plus make money from it just CLICK HERE.

Even when you believe your current subject matter is strange and unusual it can work. There is awesome website set up that is dedicated to football snack helmets and it makes thousands every month.

I Will bet you your hobby doesn’t sound so weird anymore: )

3: Build An Affiliate Marketing Specialized Subject Website


This is basically where you create your own website to attract to visitors to it. Your end goal is to be able to become an expert and an authority in your chosen niche website.

If you keep adding high quality content related to your chosen niche by making use of exact keywords and targeting high traffic search volumes, you will soon become and expert in your chosen niche.

Your main aim is to provide solutions to question people are looking for on the internet.

Individuals are searching for things on the internet every day.

If you can get to the number one spot of Google Website rankings you can become very prosperous and your passive income can take off.

You shouln’t fear building a Website site is not that hard it is just like signing up signing to Facebook or twitter.

A person can have the outside shell of the website built in under 5 minutes, and then you simply need to add content and material onto it. With the right training this is simple too.

This particular article will show you how to build your Website, to learn more just simply CLICK HERE

4: Write an ebook.

It has become a useful application among bloggers. Some bloggers basically put together a bunch of their particular posts of content that they have written, and the next thing they have their ebook. Once its out there it can make money for you forever.

Just doing this may well not make you any money so you would certainly need to market your particular ebook correctly. Use your niche website to make this happen, could be one way of doing this.

Do this ebook right and you could have a new passive income for life from this.

There are many websites and resources that will teach you just how to do this appropriately. Amazon kindle publishing or perhaps look at Google just then type in how you can write a good ebook? Then just stick to what it says from the search results.

5: Try to Rent Items you already own!

This could be lucrative for you simply check through your stuff to see what you may use. Camera, golf clubs, Furniture, lawn mower, how about storage space within your garage.

The list is limitless. You simply decide just what it is you could lease out, then place an advert in your local paper, or online there are many free advertising places where you can do this eg. craigslist, then just wait for someone to rent out your stuff from you.

This way you can be utilising your own stuff to pay you over and over again.

6: Start A Podcast

Some people find writing too much, so if this is the case and you don’t mind speaking down a microphone then this could be the approach for you to take.

It works the nearly as the same as a blog page, you can monetize it by using adverts and promotions. Simply make sure your content is educational and entertaining and generally useful, by showing off your personality with your charisma though you’re speaking voice.

Once your podcast is out there it could earn money from it on an endless stream. You don’t need an expensive microphone or perhaps a studio which you would pay rent on, just start it from home.

Go on Amazon search for podcasting equipment under $50 then away you go, then go onto Google type in how to begin a new podcast and follow the information given to you.

7: Rent A Room out!

Just like renting out your things you rent out the spare room in your own home. This renting out of a room will bring you a monthly rental income from somebody who is willing to rent it from you.

The money comes in every month without you having to do something else as long as they keep renting this. If they leave find somebody else to rent this and so you keep doing this until you would like it to end.

Why don’t you Give it a Go?

In summary please remember that generating a truly passive income needs you to be innovative and do the initial effort and hard work first to set yourself up.

I know we are all super busy nowadays, so setting up these things looks impossible, well just look at it this way, say to yourself, do the hard job once, work it correctly, then it will pay you and your family forever.

It all is determined by whether you want to work hard for the rest of your life or if you would like to take massive action, and then let the money roll in to you even while you are sleeping.

I hope that you have found some of the ideas and ways to be able to earn a passive income intriguing and thoughtful in this article. Let me know how the ways in which you earn a passive income in the comments below.

Make sure you don’t listen to all the negative people out in the world who say you will never do this. Do your research and give yourself permission to have a passive income. Now go and give this a try.

You never know you could be able to sit back and enjoy the cash flowing into your account one day while others will be still breaking their back in order to try to make ends meet.

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  1. Hello, Many new things I know while reading your guide to earn passive income. While reading I know some bloggers basically put together a bunch of their particular posts of content that they have written, and the next thing they have their ebook. Once its out there it can make money for them forever. soon I will also launch my ebook. It will be depend on my content. Hope everyone will enjoy .

    1. hi thank you fo the message. Yes its good that you are looking into your own way to bring you a passive income. I hope your ebook works out for you and you can make a passive income from it.

      Keep working hard and looking for ways to make money and I am sure it will happen for you.

      best of luck to you

  2. Hello, Your all 7 ways are awesome to make a passive income. Now I am working on my affiliate marketing website. After everything is setup perfectly I will write my own ebook to educate my follow friends to learn more about affiliate marketing or setup their own business online in easy steps. You have done a grate work for beginners by sharing such grate and useful info.

    1. Hi Harish it’s great news for you that your are looking into making a passive income. 

      I am thrilled my article could help you in some way. 

      It’s the ultimate thing to strive for so that the money rolls into even when you are doing other things. 

      Look into the auto tweets. After you have set it up you never have to touch it again and if anyone buy though the links on one of your tweets you will make money. 

      Best of luck to you my friend. 

  3. Every one of us should make passive income. After reading such a wonderful article, I learned how to make a passive income. In order to make a passive income, I have to sell the product and make approved income. I must create a blog site so I can earn. I create a website and I can earn by doing affiliate marketing through this website. I am benefited by your valuable information and I am seeking passive income.I was thinking of making this kind of income. By getting your article, I was encouraged to move on to passive income. I love your Seven Ways to Receive Income, and by following the tips I use, I can change my life and make a passive income in my life.

    1. Hello and thank you for the kind message. 

      It’s not easy but everyone should look to make a passive income and have money coming into them even when there are doing something else. 

      I am glad you found some of my tips useful and helpful. 

      I personally use the twitter on autopilot and yes it takes some initial work to set it up but do it right and you will make some sales through it. 

      Take care my friend 

  4. Many thanks to you for giving us such a beautiful article 7 ways to make a Passive Income. I’m glad I found this article. I Want to make a passive income. Presently my questions are cleared subsequent to peruse your magnificent guide on picking the ideal specialty. You are doing amazing work for individuals like me to enable them to develop. You put here the ideal option to make a passive income. I think your article will help me a lot and it helps me earns a Legitimate Online Income. Thanks for sharing your opinion. Expectation soon I will get marvelous outcomes from my specialty site. I think this article will benefit everyone. If you don’t mind I will share your article with my friends. I think they will benefit from reading your article. Thanks

    1. Hi and thank you for taking the time to read my article & for leaving me this kind message. 

      If you are looking into trying to make a passive income then I am glad you found some help within my article. 

      One of the ways I do it online is through auto tweets. You set it up right once and it runs forever. 

      Good luck to you and I hope you find yourself a passive income. 

  5. Your article is very insightful. I’ve been trying to earn income online for years and failing. I’ve just got into affiliate marketing and the pointers you give out are very helpful indeed to achieve the ultimate goal which is that passive income that everybody wants. Thanks for sharing them with us!

    1. Hi Afonso 

      Thank you for the message. It’s a pleasure and I am pleased you got some tips and some help through my article.

      Take a look into the autopilot twitter. Your tweets get sent out automatically so once it’s set up by you,there is never a worry about sending another tweet yourself ever again. You link the tweets to products for sale on clickbank and if someone buys through your link, then you make money. 

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