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How To Turn Your Passion To Profits

No matter what it is in life you want, if you make a decision to start and try, then you can get it.

This is how the matts money club began.

Hi, my name is Matthew, or as my friends call me Matt.

The name was given to me by my wonderful parents Nicola and Robert.

From an early age I was allowed to be free, play, learn, and grow into the man I am today.

My mother always said to me, life is a journey, not a destination so enjoy the ride. I did not have a clue what she was talking about for most of my life but somehow now I get it.

My mother always explained things and talked to me about personal growth and learning about the universe and the mind, about reading self-help books. She talked about listening to your higher faculties and the universe, she talked a lot about money.

I took it all in without really giving it too much thought.  I was too busy kicking a soccer ball about or riding my bike through the fields. Somehow it must have found its way deep inside my brain, as that is what I have continued to do throughout my life.

I have grown and learned and continue to find ways to improve myself.

As we grow older we have more life experience and things change. I find myself at the point in life where I want to use what I have learned to help others. Along came this website… Life is a journey…thank you, mum.

Everything is energy (including money)











In this world in which you live everything is energy, even us! We are a raging ball of energy.

The World is literally an ocean of motion.

That means nothing stays the same, everything is always changing.

The World moves and so do we.

Therefore if everything is constantly changing then we need to keep this in mind, as we will need to keep changing with the World.

You could try to wake up every day and things will be exactly as yesterday, but if you have been on this planet for a few years then you will know this to be true, in some way tomorrow will be different from today, and yesterday.

If things keep changing then the energy must be changing too. What has this got to do with you or me you may be thinking?

Well just about everything.

If you are not happy, even broke your energy will reflect that and you will feel down.

A happy person gives off good energy and good vibes. Think about the way you are feeling and your energy will show in the same way you are feeling.

If everything is energy then is there a way to keep up in a good mood with good energy?

Thoughts make the man!

The way we think will affect how we feel.

Yes, our thoughts. So it goes without saying if you are in a negative space or energy, then stop and change your thoughts to those of happy ones.

I guess you will feel a way better sooner rather than later.

If you are broke or are looking to change your financial situation then change your thoughts and think about money in a different way. It may not happen straight away but it is inevitable it will change, and more money will come to you.

You have the power with your thoughts to change how you feel, how you act, the way you behave. you can change your life and make it into everything you want.

We think millions of thoughts every day, use yours in the right way and your life will be happy, good and enjoyable.

I have already explained that the World and everything in it is energy and will keep on changing, Whether you change with it is up to you. If you do want to change, wouldn’t it be better to grow yourself in a positive way rather than a negative way?

That choice is entirely up to you.

There is no right or wrong way here.

All I know from my nearly 50 years on this crazy planet we call Earth, is that through my life I have experienced both the ups and downs, the positive and the negative and I know that when I am happy the World is the best place to live in.

My life in a nutshell









I was born in South Africa in 1970.

Life seems so bliss growing up but little did I know I lived in apartheid-driven Country.

I got on with my life but as I got older and learned more, I realised that this was just not right so when that day came and the Country had its first democratic vote.

I stood in the long queues for eight hours that day and made the change happen by voting for the first black president  Nelson Mandela.

As a white man, this could never undo all the wrongs that had been done before me but it was the start of making the rainbow nation whole again. I am so proud to have played my small part.

Things changed in the Country and the violence and anger grew. After being held up and gunpoint by two men and somehow surviving, my time in South Africa was done. An opportunity to move to the United Kingdom arose and I moved to pastures new.

I arrived in the UK in Feb 2002. A year later was married and soon after my wonderful son was born.

Life was completely different I did not walk around in fear anymore. I was back to happy….not for long. A divorce a few years later and life was upside down once again.

I found myself alone with no friends, money, or roof over my head and a million negative thoughts.

Thanks to mum and those early teachings I started again. This must be happening for a reason, I told myself I need to continue to grow and learn. So I changed my thoughts (not easy from where I found myself) and began life again.

I changed my energy and my thoughts to positive.

About 17 years later I find myself living in a wonderful new home, with my beautiful new wife and her son. My son is still very much part of my life so I am back to being happy. Life is a journey ….

My Journey with you starts now

I started working online a few years ago as I wanted to learn to live the laptop lifestyle and see if it was possible to make any money for myself.

Yes, it is absolutely possible, in fact, the earning potential is unlimited, as long as you are willing to work for it.

I decided to set up the matts money club website after realising I have all this knowledge that I can share with the World and I felt like I wanted to help others do the same as I am doing, and find financial freedom and lifestyle freedom.

All this being said I have my whole life worth of knowledge of all things personal growth and how money works.

I feel as though I have a lot to offer the millions of people looking online wanting to improve their money situation.

I have learned many times how to pick yourself up when you are down? How to carry on when all hope is lost, even being broke?

Ways in which to stay positive through it all? Learning how to attract everything you want into your life, including money.

I have the tools to show you how to learn and grow. How to become the best version of yourself you can be.

Let’s get to it:)

my journey with YOU starts now.

Your friend and coach in all things money and life.


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