How I use pinterest to make a $25 sale online? – {secret underground information revealed}





The mistake most people make when using the social media site Pinterest is this …they can’t seem to find a way to place their Affiliate links on the pins they create, sending readers to an affiliate offer, without the link being stopped by Pinterest.

Don’t stress about this anymore as I have foun a way to get your links posted without getting banned.

Warning- use this trick I have learned to place affiliate links on pinterest today to make your first sale – keep reading.

Why should you use pinterest?

If you are looking to make money online then one of the places you should be using now is Pinterest. It has over 322 million…yes million users everyday visiting the site.

That means if you decide to take a risk and place your affiliate links in front of their eyes you have potential to make some money.

Don’t be afraid if this doesn’t happen overnight you may need to keep creating pins and boards for days or weeks but when you get it right and you land that first sale, then you will be one of the few who know how to do this, and you can do this forever.

Proven steps to take:

  • Sign up to Pinterest – – free to join
  • Sign up to clickbank – – free to join
  • Start by creating your first board on Pinterest – use the help button on Pinterest if you are not sure how to do this.
  • Create your first pin and get ready to save it to your board you have created.

Pinterest doesn’t let you send your link directly to a sales page or product so you need to be creative and find a forbidden but not illegal way to get your link pasted in. All will be revealed, keep reading:)

(Note – Showing you how to sign up and create boards and pins is not this article. If you would like me to write an article about that please let me know in the comments below. Say “matt” please show us how?)




How to make a $25 sale on Pinterest? Or any amount you want!

Now that you have signed into Pinterest you need to do this – To Create a pin click the + sign on your home screen on Pinterest and this screen that appears in the pictures below will open up














Time for you to add a title, picture, description, and the destination link where you want to send your readers to, it’s called the URL.

You get your URL from the products you want to promote.


use any of the products on clickbank in their marketplace.

  • Sign up to clickbank
  • Go to marketplace.
  • Down the left -hand side of the page you will see categories.
  • Choose any category you like.
  • Open it up and all the products will appear.
  • Next to each product you will see a promote button.
  • Click this it will take to  your screen to get your URL link.
  • Click generate hoplinks on that screen and just like that you have your URL link to place anywhere on the internet.
  • copy link…I will show you where to paste this link soon.
  • (new article coming soon how to use clickbank to make money online – keep visiting my website)


In the picture below is a pin I created on Pinterest on one of my boards it sends them to a product for tattoos with destination link.( it’s there now you can check it out on my “men’s lifestyle” board for yourself to see it has not been removed)

SHHHH…this is the secret missing piece!

Sign up to PASTELINK.NET – it’s free and it allows you to paste hyperlinks to any page.

This acts as a middle page for your links and Pinterest won’t ban your links…magic!

In my example above about the tattoos you will see, this is where the link takes you – see picture below.

Now after that when someone clicks on that link in it will take them directly to the sales page for that product.

So if they take up the offer you make a commission through your link.


You will then get a new link from (at the top of that page) copy that link.

Once you have done this, take your new copied link, and use this new link in the area on your Pinterest pin you are creating – paste link in the – add destination link area. (see top pictures)

save pin to one of your boards and you are done.

Do this same thing for any product and as many times as you like.









If you still not sure how to do it…watch this video below that I created explaining this tutorial, because you want to make a sale right!



Now you know how!

Simple and you can do this for any product of affiliate offer.

I don’t recommend placing more than 50 pins a day. I normally do around three to five a day.

Yes it takes time but this is all free traffic going either to your website( those links are allowed) or to a product using the information I just showed you.

You may be afraid to try this but what have you got to lose, some free time with the potential of safely making a verified sale.

I hope my insider information helps you make some real money online.

Have you made any money through Pinterest let me know?

Would you like more articles on how to make real money online?

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not sure if this will work for you? but it may work for you or this may not?…but if it does work for you give it a try.

just wanted to share with you.

If not now…when?

The danger of not learning to do affiliate marketing the right way is you miss out on making extra money online.

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4 thoughts on “How I use pinterest to make a $25 sale online? – {secret underground information revealed}”

  1. This is really great as i never knew pinterest could be a source for this amazing trick..i would definite try it out as see for my self as i have heard about it before and i never believed it…thanks anyway for sharing this awesome article i know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.

    1. Hi Juliet thanks for the comment. Yea I definitely recommend using Pinterest it can be a great way to promote your website or business. It’s always good to learn new tricks when it comes to money making, so I am just glad I could help you in some. Why wait go and try it now. 😀

      Cheers matt

  2. Pinterest is a great platform to get traffic.

    But I understood that using an affiliate link directly on Pinterest was not allowed, so do you create a post for the product first? and use your post link on Pinterest?

    Using your affiliate link directly could be very good and I can market a lot more products that way.


    1. Hi adyns you dont need a product review to do this. get you link from clickbank or whereever you like and then just past it on get your new code and away you go to pinterest and place the link there.

      If you can do a product review thats great because the link from your post will do the same thing, you just paste that link onto piterest without going through That way people visit your website.

      This is if you want to simply send someone to a product you want to promote. you wont get any traffic to your website but it might just make you a sale.

      good luck with all you do.

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