How to build a website for free – (let me show you how?)

Learn how to build a website for free is not as hard as you think.

Hundreds of Thousands of people have built one..just like you will learn to do!

Have you been considering working online, then knowing how to build a website for free is a good place to start.
What if I said to you that there is a way you can learn how to build a website in less than five minutes?

build a website

You could then use this website to write about absolutely anything that you are passionate about, build your own business and brand.
So stick with me and let me show you how it’s done.

Now what if I said to you it could be buillt for free, would that interest you?

Imagine all the possibilities you could do with your own website
Including many ways of making money which I will get to soon, so keep reading and all will be revealed, but building your website does not have to be all about making money.

You could use it to share your photos, knowledge and experience, show people your videos, even use it as a forum to talk to others, use it to advertise another business you already have.
What if I said you could build the shell of the entire website, not the content, but the whole framework in less than a few minutes.

Then with the correct training and knowledge you could start to build out your own website and turn it into whatever you want it to be.

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Are you ready to build your own website?

start building your website now


Well get yourself ready for this free opportunity that will allow you to do just that and a lot more!
The platform you need to create a free website is called Wealthy Affiliate.

It is designed with you in mind, budding Affiliate Marketers.
Working online using the Wealthy Affiliate training platform you will find the free Site Rubix WordPress builder.

This is where you will find an exclusive training community of like-minded business people who all use the WordPress website builder.

A mastermind group you could call them.
This group of people are unbeatable for anyone who is looking to learn and correctly build a website for their own personal use or for monetary gains.

On this platform is where I learnt to build this website you are on today.
You will find that everything within this community is made easy for you so that it does not matter if you are a complete beginner or a master tech guru.

There is no age discrimination if you want to work online, anyone can do it. The ages of people using the website builder range from teenagers to the over 70’s. They all started with the same thought,build a website for their own purposes and turn it into whatever they like.

Type into a search engine like google anything that interests you and what appears on your screen?

A list of websites from gadgets to health and fitness, travel, cars, even this mattsmoneyclub website. The list is endless and there is always room for one more.
Now ask yourself where did they all begin?

A similar place to where you are now! If your intention is to make money with your website then that is absolutely fine. The sky is the limit, some websites make a small amount and some make millions.

Just take a look at sites like Amazon or Apple, just two examples of this.
How cool would it be to be earning over £1000 a month just by writing about something you have an interest in?

On my website I am writing and talking about how to help you learn affiliate marketing & make money online, that’s my interest, so you could write about anything?
Think about how much you could accomplish with some basic knowledge, a website and the correct training, that you have built from scratch.

That is why I say “the sky really is the limit”.
With more knowledge you might even think about building websites for others. But lets not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

Is this another get-rich-quick scheme?

Definitely not !

The truth is this, if you are willing to learn and build a website with intentions of making enough money to live on and have continued success, then you better be prepared to get your head down and work your socks off, but with the right attitude it is totally doable to achieve all your goals and dreams.

So let’s look at how to build a free website using the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

There is a platform built for Affiliate Marketers, and on the inside of this platform you will find a thriving community, this mastermind group like I called them earlier, are all working together, training, earning and learning.

Providing support for one another to make the online business world a massive success.
A community that can help you with 24/7 support, plus this platform will give you all the training you need to make your journey into the online business world a success.

The best thing on this platform is you get the first 10 lessons and one websites totally free! Where else would you find all of this for free?

The name of the place is Wealthy Affiliate.
Don’t let the name misguide you because it sounds like a get-rich-quick scheme, because thankfully as I have found WA is most certainly not.
I have been working online for a few years and this works as long as you are committed and dedicated to working hard.
This is a legitimate place to learn and become an online Affiliate Marketer

Here are the exact Steps to building your free website:

(Follow exactly what they say in the pictures and you can have a website built in a matter of minutes)

Step 1:

  • simply add you name and email address


Step 2:

  • once you have filled in your name and email you will enter onto the main dashboard screen at Wealthy Affiliate
  • on the main dashboard you will find these buttons down the left hand side. (see pic below)
  • next click on the button that says website.

Step 3:

  • from there choose the site manage button

Step 4:

  • you will then select the “on a free domain” website button

Step 5:

  • simply choose a domain name for your website
  • eg the health expert ( if your site is about health) but this can be absolutely anything, your passion.

Step 6:

  • enter the title for your website.

The final task you need to do to complete building your website is…

  • choose a theme from over 4000 available. (You can change this later on so don’t let this worry you too much as long as it looks good to you for now.)


Watch how you can create a website in 30 seconds below!!!

create a website in under 30 seconds

WOW!!! Isn’t that so easy?

start building your website now

You now have your own website for free. (It will take less than 5 minutes to set it up)
It really is that easy for you to build your own website, as I mentioned you get your first 10 training lessons for free, so you can learn how to start building out your website, with content on it right away.

Besides that there are hundreds of published tutorials and more advanced training that members within the community are able to access and use at their own pace.

This is a learning community online with like-minded business people who are always building, earning, learning and sharing their knowledge therefore everyone can have a shot at success.

Is there anything you did not understand about the steps to build you own website?

What is holding you back from doing it?

I would love to know your thoughts and questions about building a website so feel free to leave them in the comments box below.

You could own a piece of online real estate, a website… and make yourself rich!

Like I mentioned earlier if your intention is to make money with your website then the numbers of ways you can do this are endless, far too many to list them all here.

These are just a few that can be done and are being used by members here at WA

  • Offer keyword research and search engine optimizer (seo) techniques for other website owners, this is taught to all WA members
  • Sell advertising space and write reviews for other Companies
  • Promote within affiliate marketing using Amazon apple, eBay and many other familiar big names by writing about products that these companies sell
  • Build websites for other people. As a premium member at WA you can build up to 25 websites for the same price as 1

All Wealthy Affiliate members are taught by WA how to write content that gets the highest rankings in google so you can offer services for others offering to write amazing content for them

You will be surprised and amazed how simple it is to do all these things and apply them to your website.

It all starts with building your website then thanks to the easy to follow and simple training, as well the most helpful community within Wealthy Affiliate.

You can choose how to make a living online.

I do many of these things myself and it’s all thanks to this place called Wealthy Affiliate. You can too!

Here is Wealthy Affiliate lesson number two to show you the kind of training you will receive:

As a free starter you get 10 free lessons and here I am going to give you free access to one of the ten lessons.

All lessons are video and text tutorials.

This will show you what all the training is like and you never know you may even learn something new. Go ahead and read through the training then watch the video.

Click the picture below to begin.

Online Entrepreneur Certification – Level 1 : Lesson 2 of 10 – Understanding

How do you Make Money Online?

Are you excited and motivated by that?

You may find many reasons for you to build a website but the most important thing you will gain is an online education that is second to none.

Once you empower yourself with being able to learn keyword research, basic SEO and content creation, the knowledge you will gain will benefit for life even if you quit WA, but once you start you will find you will not want to quit.

I didn’t because there is so much to learn and investing in yourself through education is vital in whatever you do in life.

The more you learn the more chance you have of success in the future. Within the first month of joining as a free starter I became a paid premier member as I saw the huge potential on offer.

Read my review to find out more about the awesomeness of Wealthy Affiliate here.
This was the best decision I ever made as I have learnt more than I ever thought possible and this has allowed me to become an expert in SEO, keywords and gaining first page google rankings, where free internet traffic now flows into my website daily.

Within 6 months of starting as a paid member I soon realized that the cost is so low compared to supreme knowledge I have gained working online thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

How would you like to build your free wordpress website now?

start building your website now
Take a moment to think what your website name would be?
Some profitable niches you could use are health, fitness, games, technology, money, fashion.

Why not create a free WA account and start learning how to build your new website and get your online education underway.

What is the definition of Opportunity?

  • a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.
  • this could be your time and set of circumstances.

I look forward to welcoming you to the WA online family soon. I took a chance to make my dreams come true….SO CAN YOU.

Good Luck..

Did you enjoy this topic and did you find it helpfull?

Was the way I presented it easy to understand?
Please leave me a comment with your question about this blog.
Your friend in affiliate marketing know-how.

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6 thoughts on “How to build a website for free – (let me show you how?)”

  1. It is very interesting when we get to do things with much ease and these things once seem impossible to achieve. i have been able to create a website in just a day after going through the training and this is possible because there has been help provided. i am happy to have come in contact with wealthy affiliate.

    1. hi thank you for the message. Thats great news you were able to build a website with wealthy affiliate. It’s not that hard once you start the training and start learning.

      The support on there website is amazing so when ever you get stuck I highly recommend asking for help.

      if you continue to take action you goals and dreams will not be far away.

      take care and good luck

  2. Nice article

    I have always wanted to own a website, the one that will be successful and earn alot, just like amazon and the likes, probably writing or selling stuffs online, and those steps are pretty easy, most people make alot of money online, that is ofcourse by patience, dedication and hardwork and wealthy affiliate is one of those online trusted business, and working in affiliate business like wealthy affiliate is not that hard…Thanks for sharing.

    1. cheers for the kind response. Any one can own and build their own website. It just takes a bit of courage to start and the will to do it.

      After you start you can take your website in any direction you want it to go.

      I hope you start a website soon and start working on your financal dreams and goals.

      If you are looking at how to do affiliate marketing and all the skills need after you start a website. I am here to help just send me a message.

      take care and stay safe.

  3. Thank you for such a comprehensive article on how to build a website online.  I must say that I am happy I have been able to build a website online courtesy of Wealthy Affiliate and with its massive training coupled with a helpful community, I am glad to be able to progress my website and earn a living online.

    1. Hi 

      Thank you for messageing me. You had the courage of your convictions and started your own website, and now you are on you way so congratulations and well done.

      Every accomplishement starts with a decision to try and you desided to try, who knows where you will be if you stick at it and stay focused. 

      Your dreams are one step closer now.

      If you need more affiliate marketing advise please ask and I will do my best to answer the question your question.

      Best wishes and good luck to you



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