How to make money on twitter – ( my twitter money making guide)



In this guide I will show you how to make money using the social media platform known as twitter.

What you will need in this Twitter money making guide:

1: A Twitter Account

2: A Clickbank Account

3: Your Own Website

You can make money by doing this even without website – but this way of doing things comes with word of warning from me – keep reading.

What is Twitter?

For those on a different planet – it’s a social media platform designed to get people to hang out online and communicate with each other via a method called tweeting.

You build up your network by following people and by people following you back.

This is done through posting your own tweets, liking & retweeting other people’s tweets.

1: A Twitter Account.

Before you can try to make any money through this platform you will need to sign up and join it.

So firstly visit and create your account. It’s simple to sign up too. You only need your email and away you go.

The 3 ways to make money once inside!

  • Your tweets
  • Comment on others tweets
  • Private message

If only it was that simple right!

A note of warning : Twitter doesn’t like repeat messages so if you copy and paste your messages, over and over you will get your account suspended.

That’s said if you are smart about your tweets it is possible to make some money.

Will this happen instantly probably not, you need to send out more than one message to make this happen.

The more messages you send the more chances you have. You just never know who is interested in what you are promoting.

How do you actually make money?

The money you make will be through the links you place with your tweets. This leads the customer to a product or service and if they buy through that link you earn a commission.

This is part of what is called Affiliate Marketing where you place a link somewhere on the internet and that link leads people to a service or product you are promoting .

Now if someone reads your tweets with your links and click on that link it has the potential to make you some money

If you are not sure what a link is keep reading I will get to that soon.


In the picture above is a recent tweet from me.

As you can see I am sharing what the message is about and the above the red arrow I add my link to where I want to send anyone who is interested by what I am offering.

My tweet I sent out and its contained the first way to make money through twitter – with the link, which is attached to a product or service, where it will have the potential to make money through a commission.

Private message : The second way to make money is this.

You can send a private message to anyone uses twitter on their account. This way works better if you message them first with a hello message, and a little lighthearted chat.

You build up rapport with them and then you can send a message with a link if you think they would be interested.

Comment on other peoples tweets: money making method number three.

Find someone tweets that interest you or that you think will fit into what you are trying to promote, and comment on it again placing the link on your tweet. . You will see people commenting all the time on all sorts of things. Drop your own comments and tweets with links. Do this in a kind way it is more appealing to others.

People have become used to spamming so it is better to take a slow and careful approach. Don’t just send out links you need to become a master craftsman with your tweets. This will happen for you the more you do it.

Where to get your links if you have no website?

Many businesses online have what we know as an affiliate program, within their program you can promote and market any of their products and services that they offer. In return for you doing this they pay you a commission for your efforts.

Anyone can join these affiliate programs and most of them are free to join.

Use Clickbank affiliate program to get going?

2 A Clickbank Account.

Visit to sign up and open your account.

4 step process:

  1. Sign up
  2. Go onto marketplace
  3. Find product to promote
  4. Get link – copy link

Step 1 :Sign up and create your account first. It is free to join. When you have signed up, then log in to Clickbank.

One you have done this on the inside you will find a heading near the top that says marketplace.(see picture below)



Step 2: once you have clicked into the marketplace then look down the left-hand side of the page you will see categories. Inside each of these there are hundreds of products you can promote. (see picture below)



Step 3: Click on the category you are interested, then pick any one of the products within that category to promote.

Select the product and then click on the promote button.(see picture below)


Step 4: This will then take you to a screen which will give you your unique link. Click copy this link. This is now ready for you to use wherever you want to place it on the internet. In this case it will be back on Twitter.

What to do with your link now?

Go back into Twitter type some words about what you are promoting and paste your link- like my picture example earlier.

Job done.

You can use this process as many times as you like with as many products as you like. Just make sure your tweets are original every time. And don’t forget to add your links.

Note: look at my tweet again above you will see I have included an image.(make things happen) Adding an image always gets more attention. Make sure you check usage rights on the images before you include images with you tweets.

3:Your own Website.

Why do you need to have a website then?

My word of warning! The thing is with twitter you can make the odd sale and a little of money though doing it yourself, but people have become wise to spamming. How to get around this and make constant sales?

Use your own website as you central point to send customers from your tweets back to your website.

You now have a way of placing hundreds of these same links in one place.

Pro Tip: You write reviews for those self same products from clickbank and add your unique links onto those reviews.

Then send out a tweet for people to visit that review page with a link to your website and that review page, to get people constantly on to your website.

This is also known as free traffic because you don’t need to pay for it.

With the correct training this is totally doable, and it can make you money over and over again.

You write reviews for as many products you are promoting and direct people to those reviews.

To learn how to do affiliate marketing the right way visit here

Is building a website hard I hear you ask?

The simple answer is no. It’s as easy as opening a Twitter account. To build the shell of it takes a couple of minutes. Then you need to learn how to fill up your website with content and those links, that you get from Affiliate marketing training. If you have the right training this is easy to do as well.

I know a place where you can build two websites for Free. Are you Interested ?

Yes I want to build a Free website now!

Where do you get the correct training?

What if you could learn how to find unlimited products to promote, and then learn how and where to place them on your own Website?

What if you had a step by step video series that showed you from the basic up to being an expert.

Would this help you make up your mind and give it a go?

There is such a place it is called Wealthy Affiliate. It offers the best training and it’s Free to start.

Yes the first 10 lessons are all completely Free. This will give you a good understanding of how the basis work and will let you find out if this is something you feel you can do as a full time working way of life.



Yes I want to start the Free training now!

Good luck future online Money Maker.

Let me know if you have made any money through twitter and how you did it in the comments below. I answer all my readers.

I do hope this article helped you in some way to make some money through Twitter.

Take care lovely readers.

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