How to write a blog and make money from it – [write about anything]

This is my take on how to write a blog and how to make money from it. I will use football, as a topic to demonstraight this to you, but you can use the same format for any topic, so you can literally write about anything?

This topic came about from one of you lovely readers who asked this question how can they do what I am doing right now, in other words writing a blog?

They asked me, is there a way of me showing you how you can write a blog about football (or about anything you like). So here goes, I will show you or anyone, how you can do this and write a successful blog.

The answer is yes I can show you how to write a blog and explain the in’s and out’s of getting it right.

This is my break down, move by move, from one position into the next on how to write a blog…about football – remember use the same format for your chosen subject that you are writing about)

These are the tools needed to write a blog :

  • What to write about?
  • Your own website.
  • A content page to write on.
  • A content editor. 
  • A keyword research tool.
  • The right knowledge & training.



What to write about?

Firstly decide on your niche – What am I passionate about?

You need to think about your topic, in this case I will use the beautiful game of football to show you how write a blog. There are an unlimited number of things you could write about within this topic.

Let’s say today’s topic within the subject of football is that you wanted to talk the reader about how to score a goal? (This will be heading one)

This is how you would go about it and put the whole blog or article together, lets begin.

Start with you headings.

You need at least four or five catchy headings throughout each page and article all related to how to score a goal?

The first heading lets the reader know what the whole article will be about?

The last one needs to be like a conclusion heading for you to sum up the article for your readers.

Here are five example headings below to wet your appetite and make you want to read this article.

How to score a goal with my left foot?

Can I use my right foot to score a goal?

How to score a goal from inside the box?

Using your head to score a goal?

Let your goals propel you into the spotlight!

After each heading you need to break down that section with some words about that heading. That is called the content of the blog. The body of the article. It is describing to your reader what you want to say about your topic

Your article you write needs to be at least 1000 words minimum to fully explain what you are talking about. This amount of words will give your blog a full look and give you enough words to be able to get your point across to whoever decides to read the article on the world wide web.

Below is an example of what I am talking about, the heading followed by some words. It’s just easier to show you what I am writing about for you. ( sorry to say – it’s a snippet explaining things to you and not the full story )

How to score a goal with my left foot? (heading)

If you are going to score the goals for your team and become known as a goal machine then you need to make sure that you are two footed. Let’s start by looking at the left foot…etc (this part in know as the body of text)

From the above I made the main heading bigger to catch the reader’s eye then I followed it with what the content explaining what the heading is all about.

Just simply follow this procedure down the whole page so that is 4 or 5 catchy headings and content below each one and you will have your required number of words (about 1000) and a complete article.

When you have enough words in the body of context and before the next heading, it is time to break the content you have written down into smaller easier to read parts. A few lines then a gap.

Why do you need to do this? In today’s fast pace World, people don’t have the time to scroll through a difficult to read article. It needs to be made as easy as possible to read.

This is the whole point of writing the blog in the first place, for the whole world to read it and to keep coming back to your future blogs to read more.

Congratulations you have the basic to a blog about football.

Think you are capable of doing this and writing about your passion or hobby, then check out this platform that will give you the right training to write a blog correctly.

So what is next to complete your amazing blog?

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Next thing to think about before you send it to the World to read, is how can make your article more special to attract the readers to what you are saying? Without adding any more words to make it more appealing?

The simple answer for you is add images throughout the article about 3 or 4, use even more if you think it will help the article. There is no set amount here, the pictures just need to catch your reader’s eye throughout the page

The key here is to make sure the pictures relate to what you are talking about.

For example your blog is about football and how to score a goal so add a picture like this below. Not some random picture of a person standing on a beach because that would make no sense and confuse your reader:)

Next step is where do you find pictures for you to use?

With the right know how and tools you can find them free throughout the internet. It is easier than you think to find them and then to add them into you blog post. Try Google or Bing search engines, then click on images (but make sure you check usage rights to make sure you are free to use them)

You can also add a YouTube video to your article, they have a special embedded code in them which you can place into your article and it will appear as the YouTube video you want.

Again make sure this YouTube video relates to what you are talking about. It needs to add value to your blog post.

Adding the code is an easier task than you think. Just go onto YouTube, search for a video related to your subject, the hit the share button, an embedded code will appear. Click copy go back to you article and click paste. Like magic, it will appear on your blog post.

So far you have heading, some amazing content for your reader to enjoy, pictures to bring your article to life and a YouTube video in place showing the reader more of what you are talking about.

Good let’s move on now.

Can writing a blog make you money?

Is there something you can do within your article to give you the opportunity to make any money?

The answer is yes if you are doing Affiliate Marketing, you simply add a link to some highlighted words throughout the content of your blog.

The link takes your reader to a specific product, or page that you are promoting,

That gives the reader the chance to go and buy something through your lovely website or article.

Your article is about how to score a goal remember!  So use words in your article like” to score the perfect goal you need the best boots“.(now click the link button, and send them off to buy some boots)

Words that are highlighted makes them stand out and your reader is attracted to them.

Where does any link go?

It could send them off to Amazon for example, or any Affiliate program. Firstly you need to sign up to that Company’s affiliate programme, who’s products you want to promote. There are millions of products and businesses that need people to promote and market those products for that Company.

Then they give you an affiliate code for that product attached to your name. (it’s technical and thankfully you don’t need to worry about that).

Then take your link which is in code form and you place it into where the words have been highlighted in your content, with a simple click of a Link button.

That’s it!  Now you never need to change it forever.  Anytime anyone reads this article and decides to click on the highlighted word, the potential is there for you to make some money.

TIP: make sure you check the link goes exactly where you want it to go before you publish the post.

Sounds difficult to do but is actually quite easy to do with the correct training and know how.

Let’s say you have 50 or even 100 articles with 5 or 6 links on all of them with products for readers to look at.

You do the maths. I smell potential to make money and so do you!

That’s it job done! You have written a blog about football, now use the same format for any subject that interests you.

The best thing is you can adopt the same process for any topic food, travel, beer, fashion, the latest gadgets, money etc. So you could have a blog about anything that interests you.

Every article goes through the same procedure and process.

So once you learn how to do one you could write 1000 or more articles if you wanted to.

Extra secrets to learn that only you will know…shhhh!

There are a few other secrets you can do to make more money from writing a blog. Add pay per click adverts to your blog, add banners to your blog. Again with the correct know how and training this isn’t as difficult as you think.

Congratulations you have learned how to put together and write a blog about anything you like. The big question is, you need a place and a space to write these amazing blogs on?

A wordpress content editor for your words!

Now that you know how to set a blog out in the correct way, you will need the right tool, a programme where you can edit your words, add headings, pictures, add those money earning links, and a spell check button.

A content editor basically make your words look amazing before you sent it out for the world to read.

Check out this training platform I use, it comes with a friendly, easy to use WordPress content editor included. It’s what I used to create all my blog posts, including this blog:)

Own Your own Website!

This is the key to the whole process. Get your own piece of internet real estate and own your own website.

Now you have a place where you build upon your chosen niche. You are in charge, you can write one blog or a thousand blogs.

If you are thinking about working online then check out this training platform, it offers 2 free websites, for you to get started as an affiliate marketer.

This platform includes a keyword research tool, that will drive unlimited free traffic to your Website.

So imagine if you have 100 or more blogs just like this one, all with money making opportunities on them, and loads of people reading them. That’s what owning your own website can do for you.

Get training ASAP!

You now know the basics of how a blog is written, and how to make money from it. You know that having your own website is critical if you want to make a success out of running an online business.

Then the key is to just getting on with it and doing it.

The next thing to do is find is to find the right training, designed especially for Affiliate Marketing, that will lead you success.

There is a lot to learn if you want to work online, learning how to blog, as an Affiliate Marketer.

Check out this training platform I use, that allowed me to go from knowing nothing to becoming an Affiliate Marketing expert. Learning how to earning a passive income online. It’s free to start it just requires action by you to create your starter account now.

It changed my life, for the better and it could change yours.

Good luck future online money maker.

Thank you for reading and I hope I explained the process clearly enough to you.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog about how to write a blog 🙂

I respond to all my readers so please leave me a message.



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8 thoughts on “How to write a blog and make money from it – [write about anything]”

  1. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I work online for a long time and do various types of block writing.And the tools I need to write the most for a blog are what I write for my blog, so for my own website, a product content page, an overall editor, a keyword proper training.To write a blog I must have a website where I will write my blog.And the blog should be written in such a way that it catches the attention of readers so that readers enjoy reading it.And the words within the blog are so clear that readers can easily understand a reading.

    1. Hi Shariful. I appreciate you taking the time to message me. You will definitely need a place  thats provides a content writer, to write your blogs. Wealthy Affiliate provides one on there platform, its inculded with your membership. I am pleaded my gide to writing a blog has helped you in some way.

      Take care and best wishes on your online working journey

  2. Making money online is a very enjoyable task if done the right way but if the rudiments are not well understood, then it may become too difficult to achieve. Thank you for elaborating on this topic. Passion is what drive a blog. There is no one who becomes wealthy through what they dont have special connection and passion for. Thanks for sharing this post here. Thumbs up

    1. Hi Rodarrick. What a nice message from you I greatly appreciate it. You are spot on you have to have a passion for something you are writing about if you want to make money from writing a blog. Without it you will loose interest and then your content writing will cease to be. I agree with you making money online can be fun and learning to make it the right way through Affiliate Marketing at Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go.

      Take care my friend and good luck to you

  3. Great article. I’m always searching for better ways of generating income on the side, but internet marketing seems a bit scary. There’s too many, get rich quick schemes. But each one seems so compelling. And I have topics I believe people would like to read. But, after all you wrote, and all good of course, the training is the more important part of the entire equation. It takes real work, there’s no doubt about it. And like any business, if you aren’t trained to succeed within the affiliate marketing world, your blog dies like so many others. I get the work, and most importantly, I get the training. I’m going to check out your links. Thanks

    1. Hi JB If you want to earn a living from blogging full time then you need to have the correct training on how to do it in the first place. Wealthy Affiliate provides that for anyone willing to take the time to learn. Nobody was born to write blogs even if you think you haven’t got a clue where to begin. We all had to take the plunge and start learning from somewhere. Your message was very kind and most welcome

      Take care your freind


  4. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. After quitting my job, I started searching for means to make good income. The steps that you have given in this article are simple and clear especially with the use of soccer as illustration. This is really of great help to me

    1. Hi Benny thanks for reading this blog and I am glad it helped. You can literally write about anything you have a passion for. It will be more interesting for your readers if they can see you care about what you are writing about. Follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate and you will soon be an expert on how to do it. This is not a get rich quick scheme, it takes time to earn some decent money from it, so quitting your job is not the answer you should rather do this as a part time thing, and build it up untill it become a passive income earner for you. Hope this helps in some way.

      Take care and good luck to you.


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