If you are trying to find a job in a hurry! – (stop and create a passive income for yourself instead)

Are you trying to find a job in a hurry or want a change and a different job? Stop looking now and read this before you decide to go out and restart the search. Getting a different job will just lead you to the same problems and end results. Overworked and underpaid with long hours, no recognition or feeling of self-worth. Why not try a different way and create a passive income for yourself instead!


Try thinking outside the box?


Forget about looking for a new job just keep the one you have.

Yes that’s what I said, think outside the box for a moment and do this with the job you already have.

In your spare time working two to three Hours day ( or however many hours you can spare), and as a side hustle do Affiliate Marketing as a way to earn some extra money.

Now you may be thinking why do that when it’s just going to add more work on top of what I am already doing!

That’s very true but this is the big difference you are doing this for you. Everything you earn from your efforts goes directly to you and not your boss, and you are learning some important lessons along the way like how to work and earn money for yourself.

You will also be creating a passive income for yourself if you learn to do it right. That means the money rolls into you 24/7 without having to do any extra work. If you are consistent and work hard at it for a few years.

Then this magically happens… you can quit your job and never look for another job every again. You will be able to stop trading your time for money. That is what a passive income can do for you.

Why not just quit your job right away and do Affiliate Marketing full time if it seems so profitable?

Wouldn’t that be easier?

In a word “NO”. If you learn to do Affiliate Marketing the right way then it takes time to build up your knowledge and to learn the key skills in how it all works.

Without the right training and the correct tools you will never know how to make money on a consistent basis.

For the best training and all the tools you will ever need you will have to pay some sort of fee or price to get them but if it’s eventually going to lead you to a passive income, then in my eyes the cost is a small price to pay to make that happen. Remember you will probably get your money back ten times over, if you get it right.

That leads me back to my original point of keeping your job and doing this as a side hustle. By keeping the job you already have a way of paying for the training and tools to get you to your perfect life.

The same principle applies if you only have a part-time or temp job. Keep it and use it to pay for an online education into the world of Affiliate Marketing.

What if I have no job? My advice is this get some sort of job first, get earning, you can’t pay for something else without having any money coming in then take up looking for a way to earn a passive income online.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It is promoting products and services for businesses online and in return they pay you a commission.

Which businesses can you promote products and services for?

Any business online that offers an affiliate marketing program can be used. Most of them are free to join. There are a few that you can pay for but why do this when there are an unlimited number of businesses that don’t charge you. Examples for you to join for free are Amazon, Nike, eBay, and Walmart just to name but a few.

Think of how many people use the internet. It’s now into the billions and they are all looking for help, services and products to buy. The potential is unlimited. If you are willing to put in the hard work to claim your piece of the pie…so to speak.

What is the right way to do affiliate marketing?

The best place to learn and have all the tools in one place is Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s how I went from knowing nothing to earning a passive income online. Find out more here just click this link.

This is the most legitimate place you can find online for learning affiliate marketing. If you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme then you need to forget about everything I have said and go and look elsewhere. Sorry to be so blunt but I speak from experience here. You will need dedication, commitment and hard work but if you have these qualities then an unlimited earning potential awaits you and it’s totally doable.

Steps to success:

1: Create an account with Wealthy Affiliate – that means you are interested in changing your working & financial life.

2: Build a website at Wealthy Affiliate – it’s far easier than you think. It will take less than one minute to have the shell of your website built and ready for content. You don’t need any technical knowledge to do this.

3: Follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate- you simply start at lesson 1 and keep going until you have completed all the lessons. When you get to this point you will have a fully working website with unlimited free traffic flowing into your site.

4: All you need to do after that is keep blogging, learning and building on your website with Wealthy Affiliate until you reach the goals you set for yourself.

Please remember this is not a normal job. In essence, you are working for free while you keep building out your website. There is no timescale on success. It can happen in 6 months, one year, even 3 years. As long as you keep doing it then one day the money will roll in and that’s a game changer for anyone. You can quit that job that has paid for your side hustle. You can fire your boss. You can work as and when you want to, the alarm clock doesn’t matter anymore. The traffic jam is a thing of the past.

Why choose The Wealthy Affiliate platform?

Inside this platform you will find everything you will need to learn how to do Affiliate marketing the right way. Plus an online working community that are best in supporting you on your way to your success.

  • 24/7 help and support
  • The best training for affiliate marketing online
  • Thousands of affiliate products to promote
  • 2 free websites with web hosting
  • An amazing community all doing what you are doing.
  • If you want to know everything else they offer with your membership and there is a lot more then you know what to do. Come on in and join us

As an EXTRA BONUS if you join through one of my links you will have me as your personal one-to-one coach to help you on your way.

Keep your job to pay your membership?

If you want access to all the tools on the Wealthy Affiliate platform and you are serious about changing your life. Then you will need to pay a membership fee. Wealthy Affiliate fees are very reasonable if you consider what you are getting and the price you would have to pay elsewhere for all the tools you would need to do Affiliate Marketing . That’s where keeping your current job comes in handy. It gives you money to pay for it.

Option 1 – monthly $49. Choose this option to pay monthly, then take it month by month to see how you get on with the premium membership.

Option 2 – yearly $349. Less than 1 dollar a day. This is the membership I use as it works out cheaper and I don’t need to think about the money side of things for one year. I get on with building out my website.

What price would you put on financial and lifestyle freedom?

If you still not convinced then use this:

Option 3. Start for free

You don’t even need a credit card. Yes you don’t need money to start but a free account you will only get limited access to some essential tools you will need to grow and build your website. . If you want to, you can look around the platform for seven days with no obligations and zero risk. Then decide for yourself if you think this is a legitimate way to make money and everything I have said is true.

The only way you will truly know for sure and put your mind at rest is to take action and create your starter account today.

Join the online working world now go here.


Otherwise it’s stay in the job you are trying to get away from or find a new job.

The choice is yours. I took action and found Wealthy Affiliate. You found this blog and my website. The law of attraction working once again.

See you on the Wealthy Affiliate platform soon…future online money maker.

Do you have any questions about this subject? Please leave them in the comments below. I answer all my readers. Cheers Matt.


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2 thoughts on “If you are trying to find a job in a hurry! – (stop and create a passive income for yourself instead)”

  1. Hey, Your guide is very useful for me. I recently started working online with the wealthy affiliate platform. the help of wealthy affiliate training program is brilliant. I am going well yet and doing my education while building my own business website. I love wealthy affiliate community. I found that everyone is always ready to help you success online. I am very thankful for Kyle and Carson for building such amazing website.

    1. Hi Lalita. We are in total agreement on the community you find within the Wealthy Affiliate platform they are amazing and always willing to help. You are on your way to success now as you took action and actually started building your website. Good luck with your training at Wealthy Affiliate it is the best around and you will soon know everything there is to know about Affiliate Marketing if you stick with it. 

      Best wishes and I wish you all the success in the world c


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