Overnight Millionaire System review- (can you learn how to become an overnight millionaire?)


Wesley Virgin Overnight Millionaire system review – can you learn how to become a millionaire overnight…REALLY?


The other day an email landed in my inbox from Wesley billion dollar virgin. It was my first introduction to his overnight millionaire product.

In the email it claimed “ am I going to be the next Millionaire?”

Now I must admit the email was very well worded and made me click on the links posted on the email.

He got what he wanted from me which was to look into what he was doing. That’s when I decided to look into his product some more and see what the fuss is all about.

What made me take action on his email, let’s find out as I review and look into the overnight millionaire by Wesley Virgin and see exactly what it’s all about?

Can it really make you a millionaire overnight and is it worth the money?

Is it another overhyped product that should it be avoided?

Thank you for choosing to read this review and wanting to do more research on this product  before you spend your hard earned cash.

As you go along with this review, if you feel you have any questions, please leave them in the comments box below.



Name of product: Overnight millionaire

Price to start: $37 plus upsells

Website: ovenightmillionair.net

Owners name: Wesley Virgin

Product type: Mindset & Motivational

4.5 stars out of 5 stars

Recommended: YES




Wesley Virgin Overnight Millionaire – Product Overview.

In this product you will be taught how to get your mind right to make it in life and in business, especially if you are working in the online world.

This is the most crucial aspect as without a success mind you can never get to where you want to go.

Besides the correct thinking, he will be teaching you how to create your own digital product online.

This product consists of motivational videos to help you think like a winner and an entrepreneur.

His aim is to get you out of your normal working life, the boring nine to five, and into the laptop lifestyle. Living life on your own terms.

He totally gets that mindset is the king when it comes to making money online. His training is amazing as he delivers this to you.

He also provides you with some pretty cool training on how to make your own digital product and how & where to place it so you can make money from it.

I found the video’s and motivation material excellent, because once you realise that you must put the proper foundations in place( the way you think) , then the sky’s the limit for you.

What is the overnight millionaire product?

This is a much hyped system that was created by Wesley Virgin that was launched on the clickbank affiliate network but has since moved to Digistore24 affiliate network

In this system Wesley claims to have mind-hacks and a system that will show you how to change your way of thinking forever.

From here on in you will be able to look at things in a positive light as opposed to always being negative about things.

Once you turn your thinking around it is amazing what magic can happen for you.

Wesley shows you how he went from rags to riches and claims anyone can do it with his system. He shows you his flash cars and a millionaire lifestyle he leads today.

He is a fantastic motivator but he can overhype things at times because as we all know no one can become a millionaire overnight. It takes hard work and effort, even Wesley had years of doing the hard work before the big money came rolling in.

That is why he is teaching you this, to take years off you looking for your success,  he shares with you what he has done to make things easier for you.

The right mindset is so important because with this you can do what he claims is possible.

So yes he may overhype things but I was always fascinated to hear what he had to say in the next motivational video he delivers.

I could totally understand where he is coming from as I have been on a journey like him myself.

The good and the bad:

The good 

Pro #1- the training is excellent

Pro#2 –  very motivational videos

Pro#3 – perfect for digital product creation

Pro#4 – a decent price for beginners $37 to start

Pro~4 – money back guarantee

The bad:

con#1 – the name is cheesy as sounds like a get-rich scheme

con#2 – no correct affiliate marketing training on how to build a real business online.

con#2 – you need a budget for paid traffic

Who is Wesley Virgin?

His dream is the lavish lifestyle and the fancy cars which he puts on display for all to see, but for most of us that seems unrealistic, so he teaches you to find out what you want in life by using those all important mind-hacks. 

He was born in the southside of Houston, Texas to two pastor parents. They continually told him he would never amount to much so he did something about it.

He started online by creating a product called fat diminisher. It did not turn out to be as successful as he thought but he continued to grow and learn, and this led him to discover and build his overnight millionaire product.

The hype began and so did his lavish lifestyle so let’s continue to look into why this works for so many.

Who is the product for?









Simply put this product will benefit anyone that is looking to make personal changes in their life though building a successful mind and creating your own digital product.

For you to make it long term working online and making money then learning how to get your mind right is the first step

This is the right product for all newbies who are getting started online and for anyone who is looking to rewire their brain towards successful thinking.

I for one have found great value in the motivational videos within this product. I have been working online since 2017 and so much of what he teaches is true.

Training / tools attached to this program.

Inside the exclusive members area who will find:

How to use the precise mind-hack techniques used on the rich & famous.

You will learn how to replicate and copy exactly all the tools and tips from what he used.

Once you have the inside track you will have full access to all his tools and methods. Follow them and you are on your way to becoming a new you.

  • Mind-hack audio series – in 5 parts
  • Meditation guide for the mindset
  • Meditation experience
  • The hidden secrets of journal writing
  • How to use creative visualisation?
  • How to become an authority in trust?
  • Build your confidence
  • How to build multiple streams of income?
  • Learn how to master the art of persuasion?

As well as the many videos, testimonials, you will find many hidden gems within the training on this program.


The price of the overnight millionaire product?

The basic price is $37 which is pretty good value for what you will receive within the members area.

As you go along this product comes with various upsells that are worth investing in if you want to keep your education going.

No upsell is forced upon you but like anything in life you can’t really put  price on investing in yourself.

Wesley claims he is practically giving the product away for free and compared to some other products out there he is correct. This one offers far more value. You could expect to pay thousands for some of the information he delivers to you

One thing to keep in mind is you will need to pay for traffic as this is how you will drive in sales. A budget of $200 to $300 is needed as a start up. Not as much as you may think to get going.

Most products of this nature have far to many upsells and thankfully this one does not.

For a relatively small investment you can find yourself living with the mind of Wesley billion dollar virgin. It’s worth thinking about.

Can this program work for you?

That truly depends on what you are looking for and what you are looking to do?

To gain success and build the foundations plus the right mind & build your own digital product then I would say yes.

If you are looking to build an online asset and your own long term sustainable business with no money and using free traffic methods then no.

To learn to do affiliate marketing the right way and use all free traffic methods, with a budget of zero…this is my no 1 recommendation for that…>>click here

How successful you will be with this program depends on you. It all depends on you carrying out the instructions delivered to you because the answer lies within you. It’s also depends on your perception of things and how easily you take onboard the information

You will need to work & take action on what is being taught to you, for this to work for you.

If you have the right attitude and application then yes i do think you will do well with the overnight millionaire program.

My closing thoughts & verdict.




I hope you found some value in my review and it made a few things clearer as to what this product is, and what you will be doing when you join this program.

As I have been working online for a few years now I find any sort of motivational programs and training very useful as a way of keeping up your interest in working online.

In my opinion I would recommend this product as a way of changing your thinking and setting you up with the right mind success foundations.

As a successful affiliate marketer who has been making money online I found a tremendous amount of value in the overnight millionaire product.

I would like to think this review and my website answered any questions you may have had with this product because if you didn’t now would be a good time to ask them. Please use the comments box below.

I would like to think this review has given you an insight into everything this product offers.

No matter which path you take in life if you want success you will require the right mindset.

So if you follow the training and the motivation videos and all the things Welsley says then i believe you will benefit from this program.

Are you thinking about using it or have you used this program?

Please share with myself and others in the comments section below.

All the best & stay safe

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6 thoughts on “Overnight Millionaire System review- (can you learn how to become an overnight millionaire?)”

  1. Hi there, I think you’ve done well on this review I must commend although the name sounds like a get-rich-quick program but definitely that’s not what it’s all about. Like you said this product in your contains a course to teach users to become their own digital product online and also a motivational video, I think success of the individual depends on how ready he/she is to accept that change.

    1. hi thank you for leaving this message. I am pleased that my message came across. 

      like anything in life if you open your mind and wnt change to happen for yourself then it can. 

      These mind hacks can be life changinf for anyone willing to put in the work.

      take care and stay safe

  2. >Overnight millionaire product is a product I heard never tried out. But I liked your honesty and being straight up. you pointed it out and I am really thinking about it. You presented it so well that it is really moving. Yes, I want to be a millionaire and I want to do this. Thank you.

    1. hi i am glad my article helped you out and gave you something to think about.

      Without a sucess mind it is very difficult to succeed online, because when things get tough you need to be able to stay positive.

      It will take some dedication and hard work but once you have put the foundations in place then nothing can hold you back to acheiving your success..

      I wish you all the best and good luck.

      take care.

  3. A very comprehensive review of the overnight millionaire system. I also thought the name to be cheesy as well lol. I guess they know the name would catch the attention of those who are inquisitive in knowing about the system. If that is the case brilliant marketing strategy. I also agree that the system seems a bit hyped. I would love to hear the success stories from those who actually used the system. Great job on the article.

    1. hi  I guess the name is one of his mind hacks too but the product and the training within the product certainly do work. 

      in life no one can become an instant overnight millonaire it takes some effort, dedication and hard work. 

      This system will push you ahead and make the path a little easier for anyone who is willing to take the information on board and run with it.

      can you be a millionaire…absolutely but you got to start somewhere. 

      Buiding a successful mind full of positive thoughts is a great place to start.

      best wishes to you

      stay safe.

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