The Golden Rules To Affiliate Marketing – (Don’t ignore them you have been warned)

the golden rules to affiliate marketing

What are the golden rules to affiliate marketing?

Starting affiliate marketing without them would be like driving around in circles and expecting to find your destination.

There are three vital steps to know and think about before you even attempt to start your online journey into learning how to do affiliate marketing.

Now you may be thinking “matt what are you going on about”,  but read this article very carefully if you want to make money and become successful with the world of affiliate marketing.

I jumped in years ago and nobody taught me this stuff, I have had to learn it all myself, but now that I have come full circle and showing people how to do affiliate marketing, I want to make your life easier and get you off to the best possible start.

These 3 steps are like placing a 100 pieces of gold bars in your hand and saying that’s yours for free..enjoy the good life.

Get them right and the money will come rolling into you one day…

 What are the golden rules to think about starting right now?

Three crucial steps 

  1. Find your niche
  2. Find the offers
  3. Find your traffic methods

WOW is that it?

Sounds simple right, that is where you are wrong, these are some of the toughest things you will think about. especially step one.

If you get them right the rest of your learning and online journey is made so much easier.

Why do I say this, because you will know where you are going.

Your clear path and direction is set out for you.

You will not be driving around in circles because you will know exactly where you are heading.

Think of these golden rules as a three legged chair, if one of the legs goes missing the chair will fall over, but get all three golden rules right and the chair will stand for ever,

So let’s dive into these nuggets of golden information

Then your online affiliate marketing journey can begin.

If you are not prepared to think about these things you are wasting your time and it will cost you a lot of money along the way, and you probably need to think about a different way to try and make money. I speak from experience of working online for years here.

 Golden rule 1: finding your niche

This is the first and crucial part of your journey without it you will never get started.

So what is a niche? And why is it so important?

A niche put simply is a subject, a topic you are going to build your affiliate marketing world around. Everything you do online after that will be based around this subject.

Some examples: making money, health and fitness, relationships, technology The list is endless

A niche, the subject that you choose can be about anything you like, but if you want to make money from it then, then this is a different story, because it needs to be something other people are also interested in.

This is key to your success as it is no good talking about flying fish on mars if no no cares or wants to read about it.

Talk to anyone who does affiliate marketing and they will say this is probably the hardest thing to find.

Let’s take making money as an example of a niche. It is a great niche to get into but you need to remember that it is very competitive, there are hundreds of thousands of people doing exactly what you want to do. Unless you find a sub niche within this subject you probably won’t make any significant money with this niche. How to use free traffic methods to make money could be your sub niche as an example.

So how do you choose the right niche?

A good way to start is to think about something you are passionate about, your hobby or interest.

That way while you are learning you will have something to write about.

If you are still not sure that method will work then do this:

Go onto amazon and click on all categories.

It will bring up thousands of different subjects.. home , furniture,clothes, sports etc.

Any one of those could be used.

If you then click on one like health and beauty, it will then bring up sub categories under that heading like men’s grooming, click on that again and it will bring up shavers,mens gift sets, shower gel. You get the point.

All of these could be niches that are less competitive.

So you see there are literally hundreds of thousands of niches you could choose to work with.

So how can you choose one that will work for you?

Find out how many times people are searching for that exact thing on google, bing and yahoo, is a great place to start. (I know that for instance, men’s shower gel gets zero hits a month, but mens shower gel sets get’s 152 people looking for that a month…I have researched it.)

I hear you say “you are experienced but how can I do that”?

You use a keyword research tool that does all the work for you and you trust your judgement from there, pick wisely and work hard at your chosen niche. Just like I and thousand like me did.

If you are looking for hot niche keywords type them below…


Golden rule 2: find the offers.

affiliate offers

Once you know your niche then this becomes easy.

The key to this is choosing offers that relate to your niche that you chose in golden rule 1(your niche)

There are thousands of affiliate marketing programs online that you can join for free. You simply sign up and once accepted they give you your unique link that you can place all over your website or on the internet.

Within these affiliate programs you will find thousands of offers and products to promote and you can receive anything from 8% to 75% commissions if someone purchases through one of your links.

Let’s say you are designing your website and niche around the best six pack abs for example. Then find products and offers related to that. It’s no good talking about low gas energy bills because this will make no sense at all to your readers. With a bit of will and the right training this is the easy part.

So let’s recap you have decided on your niche and you have gone about finding some offers which you think will fit your niche.. Great you are almost there but how do people find you wonderful website and offers?

Did you know that signing up to WEALTHY AFFILIATE gives you easy access to thousands of AFFILIATE PROGRAMS with the click of a button on their dasboard?

Golden rule 3 – find your traffic methods.


How are you going to get people onto your website and offer?

There are many different ways online.

That is why I say find you niche first because then you will know the exact target audience you will try and attract to your offers and website.

An example would be –  your niche is the best six pack abs, so try to find people looking for how to get six pack abs .

Will you use free or paid traffic methods?

Free methods take a lot longer to achieve but it doesn’t cost you money so it depends on your budget.

I use free traffic for this website via search engine optimiser (seo) and using keywords. I also use social media sites like facebook and twitter.

If you have a bigger budget and can afford to place adverts on google,facebook etc you can achieve things faster but be warned this can get expensive.

This is why most people starting out use the free methods and take their time.

Ideally you want to get to a point where you are using both the free and paid methods to ramp up visitors to your website.

It is vital you think about how you are going to drive traffic to your website and that is why it is in my golden rules.

Don’t ignore my golden rules you have been warned!

you have been given a warning

Yes I don’t expect you to know how to get them right as soon as you start but the point I am trying to get across is to take some time and think about your direction, then make a plan and have a direction of where you want to go.

These rules I have given you are an excellent starting point for you to move forward with, when you start Affiliate Marketing online.

My story, the mistakes and why I am bringing this to your attention.

I dived into affiliate marketing after being convinced by an article on the internet that I would make millions. I started with my passion for football without having a clue just went for it. No thought involved. I ltried and tried but with no real gains and after 1 year I just stopped doing it. No money and very little traffic coming in. I felt like a failure.

It was time to rethink what did I do wrong? How could I not make it work after working so hard for a full year?

After months of research the information in this article is what I found out.

So I started again with this website and a different approach to working online

I started with a plan for my niche showing those who want to learn how to do affiliate marketing and make money online. I quickly found some offers related to my niche (look for them on my website:) and now I drive traffic daily to my website for anyone interested in learning this affiliate marketing stuff.

Take my advice and go and think about your niche, do some research and then find a place that will teach you everything you need to know about how to do affiliate marketing the right way.



I hope you found some real value in this article. You may think i am full of it, that’s ok too, but I care and want you to succeed.

Understand that making money online is not as easy as it sounds. You will need these qualities if you are serious about changing your life and going for the laptop lifestyle.

read this >>things to keep in mind when starting an affiliate marketing business<<<

If you had trouble finding your niche then please leave me a comment below, I would love to hear how you went about solving this problem.

Do you agree with these three golden nuggets or what else do you think people need to think about when starting online?

If you can’t decide on a niche or still not sure what a niche is then ask me in the comments box below.

Stay safe and good luck

This article was written by your affiliate marketing know-how friend


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