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The laws of money have been around forever, if you follow them you can gain control of your finances. In this blog I will be going through some basics of the laws of wealth, and if you follow the principles of them, you will become the master of money, and not let money control you. Apply them if you are working online and you can use them to make money with Affiliate Marketing.

#LAWS OF WEALTH ( a basic money management guide)

This guide is meant to be a basic introduction into some laws of wealth. For a more in-depth look into all aspects of these laws, check out the recommended books to read on this subject at the end of this guide

Table of contents

# Law of wealth 1 – If you apply yourself, anyone can make money.

# Law of wealth 2 – How do you define wealth?

# Law of wealth 3 – Set your goals.

# Law of wealth 4 – It’s your secret.

# Law of wealth 5 – If you are lazy you can never be wealthy.

# Law of wealth 6 – Time to get real with yourself.

# Law of wealth 7 – What do you want for money?

# Law of wealth 8 – Think like a wealthy person.

# Law of wealth 9 – Where are you now?

# Law of wealth 10 – Get a plan going for yourself.

#Law 1 -If you apply yourself, anyone can make money

The thing about money is it does not care who or what you are. It doesn’t matter, there is no way money can determine which path it is on and to who receives it.

So this rule applies to everyone, it may be hard work, very tough, but it’s doable to make money as long as you apply yourself. Money was created for humans by humans as a means of trade. It has no real power, it’s just money (made from paper)

If you set your mind to making money and take action, apply yourself, and all your actions are directed towards making money, then that is what will happen. Money will come to you.

All the other laws that follow, can only take place if this one is taken seriously. Without any application of this law, you can kiss goodbye to your dreams of wealth

#Law 2 – How do you define wealth?

This is where you need to do a little thinking for yourself and decide what success would look like to you?

Would it be a shiny new car, a mansion, one Million, even one Billion. It can be absolutely anything you can think about. Think long and hard and set no limits. If it seems impossible and it scares you, then that’s what you should go for.

That way you will have enough to go at, this in turn will keep learning and moving towards your wealth dreams. Use your imagination here and think big.

Remember this is what you want!  This is about your success and your wealth.

#Law 3 – Set your goals

Goals are to grow and learn, not to get. Set them high in accordance with law 2.

Without a goal you have nothing to go towards to keep you motivated in pursuit of your definition of wealthy.

Write them down and be very specific with them. Write a date down when you want them by. It is no good just saying my goals is…One Million dollars or a new car.

This is an example of how to write out a goal. My goal is to have one Million Pounds in my bank account by the 31st December 2024. I plan to create my own website and niche and be an Affiliate Marketing super Affiliate, and be living the laptop lifestyle. Be definitive, it connects more with your brain and your thinking patterns, it gives clarity and a definite purpose.

#Law 4 – It’s your secret

If you tell your friends, family, or whoever you know. It is human nature to bring you down and say that’s impossible, to ridicule you, be jealous of you. The negative words will halt or even stop your progress, especially at the beginning when you are just starting out. If you want to stop your dreams of wealth before they have begun tell the World about them, so please keep them to yourself, keep them a secret. Tell no one but yourself and just get on with going for your goals.

#Law5 – If you are lazy you can never be wealthy

If you want your wealthy vision to come true then you are going to have to do some work that will make it happen for you. If you think you can be lazy and it will just appear in front to you then think again, it’s just not going to happen that way. Sorry to be the bearer of such news.

At this point you might be saying I would rather be lazy, well that’s fine too, no one is going to force you to do anything in life. I would just say this. If you are in debt, always struggling for money. Feel like something is missing in your life and you should be doing better. Well then I am going to say it again you will need to do some work.

Let me put it to you like this, If you are working at a job presently for someone else. Working say between 40 & 50 hours a week, probably working hard too. Then think about it this way you are working on your bosses wealth vision, what they want. You are helping them get there.

If you can work those long hours for their vision, why would you not give up say 3 hours of your day and start to work on your own wealth vision

#Law 6 – time to get real with yourself

It is no good moaning and complaining about all your financial worries and then do nothing about changing it. The only way to get yourself out of the position is to think about how you are going to make more money and then take action on those thoughts. You need a reality check so take stock of how much you are spending, buying and saving.

Why are you in the situation you are in?

Then you will know where you are, to start moving forward with your plan. You need to face up to it. Don’t be waiting for tomorrow thinking it will all go away.

The chances of you winning the lottery are next to zero. I might have more chance of guessing your phone number, so rather be relying on yourself and no one else to sort it out. If you want to sort it out then nothing is impossible you can. Just take the first step and have a reality check on yourself.

#Law 7 – What do you want from money?

We all have our reasons for wanting money but what is yours? Do you want to be able to quit your job? Move to a new house? Help out a family member? Clear off debts, more savings?

The list is endless and there is no right or wrong answer here.

Make it very specific to you and how it would improve your life. When you decide on the reasons you want more money, then write them down on a piece of paper, keep it safe and keep it to yourself. Writing it down makes it all seem more real, and keeping it to yourself will make it personal to you but also you don’t want anyone else asking you, why do you need x amount of money, that’s just greed?

No it’s not greed it’s just the laws of wealth.

#Law 8 – Think like a wealthy person

This is how the brain tends to work. The thoughts you think will lead you to where you want to end up. If you constantly think about less or lack then that is what will happen. There are many books you can find on how to change your thinking to be more positive. The simple way is to use your brain to change how it thinks, you can start right now by using affirmations. Try using the words “I am” to start every sentence and repeat these sentences all day every day. You will soon find your outer world starts to change thanks to these words. Try it for the next 30 days and see what I mean.

Some “I am’s” to try

  • I am wealthy
  • I am Financially free
  • I am rich
  • I am a money magnet
  • I am prosperous

Type “I am” into any search engine on your computer and a massive list will appear for you.

If you read and study how rich people act and behave you can learn from them and just start to copy then. Think like a rich person to become a rich person.

#Law 9 – Where are you now?

It is time to start managing yourself and to take responsibility for where you are and where you want to go. Do a clear budget of your finances to find out exactly where you stand, what is going in and out of your bank account. Be honest here there is no point cheating when you do this otherwise you won’t be able to move forward from a clear starting point. Find out exactly where you are now.

When you have done this you can now start to move forward.

#Law 10 – Get a plan going for yourself

This is where you make a plan for yourself. Why do you need a plan? A plan gives you direction and a way of getting to where you want to be.

Without a plan you may as well just walk around in circles all day. If you like your job but want some more cash, then make a plan to get more money. If you don’t like your job and want to get out, then make a plan. If you want to start your own business, you guessed it make a plan. Any of your wealth vision that you thought of earlier will require you to make a plan. Now go back to #law of wealth 1 and apply yourself and take action. Your dreams won’t work unless you do.

That is the basics of how wealth works. Good luck and may you reach your wealth vision.

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Note: these are not actual laws enforceable in a court, it is my creative license in the use of my words but these are some basics laws of how the rules of wealth works. Read any book on this subject and they will tell you the same. There are many more rules just like these 10, so remember to think like a rich person and keep reading and studying.

How I Applied these laws to my life:(in a nutshell)

I worked all my life 50 hours a week and at the age of 48 found myself in 10k of debt, broke, in a job I disliked.

Paying out more than I was bringing in.

I took control of my finances and decided I wanted to work from anywhere in the World.

I wanted all my debts paid off and a regular passive income.(how much? remember keep it a secret)

Basically the laptop lifestyle you are always reading about these days.

So my plan was to build my own website, my own business and use that website to make money, and work from anywhere in the World as long as I had an internet connection.

I had no clue where to even begin but the plan and my wealth vision were in place and so I begun to look for ways.

Now you can see that this does work as you found my website, so now let me help you with your money making vision.

I have got to this point by applying myself 3 to 4 hours a night instead a watching TV, not being lazy, constantly learning, growing and making mistakes along the way. My dreams are happening before my eyes.I learned to how to do this so you can too!

So now you need to ask yourself the serious question what kind of person am I? Am I willing to work and apply myself to make the laws of wealth work for me? (remember the law of money 1, money does not care who or what you are!)

Check out this training platform I use, that allowed me to go from knowing nothing to becoming an Affiliate Marketing expert. Learning how to earning a passive income online. It’s free to start it just requires action by you to create your starter account now.

If you would like to know more on how to change your life, through Affiliate Marketing feel free to leave me a comment with your questions.

I respond to all my readers

cheers Matt

Books of reference to read on the subject of wealth and all that surrounds it.

(Remember this you always want to grow and learn)

Think and grow rich – Napoleon Hill

You were born rich – Bob Proctor

The rules of wealth – Richard Templar

Wake up and change your life – Duncan Bannatyne

I can make you rich – Paul Mckenna


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