what is Affiliate Marketing for beginners? – (start an Affiliate Marketing business)

It is time to Stop searching online for the answer to the question “what is Affiliate Marketing for beginners?

You have come to the right place as I will break it down for you, and then show you how to start an affiliate Marketing business for free.


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Do any of these quesions ring a bell with you?

  • I’m interested in affiliate marketing but I don’t know where to start or the best ways to go about it?
  • what is affiliate Marketing?
  • What are your recommendations?
  • Is it worth it?

Firstly yes it’s worth it!

But… too often people jump on board expecting this to be an easy way of making money.

That may have been true in the past, for a while, but if you only have a mentality and a mindset of the shiny object syndrome, you will be destined to fail from the start. Keep reading and I will explain why?

Affiliate Marketing is a way of generating an income but should not be viewed as a business in itself.

What does Affilaite Marketing mean?

It is simply promoting products and services for businesses online and in return for you doing this for these businesses pay you a commission for your efforts.

Commission payments can range from 8% to 100% depending on what you market and promote.

Many businesses online have what they call an Affiliat Marketing program which anyone can join. It is free to join them.

Where should you start? 

The place for anyone who is looking into affiliate marketing as a way of making money is this..

Start by finding your subject, the market, your niche. The area you will be working in.

Choose something that you feel you can help in, or want to help in.

Once you know this then you need to evaluate what problems and issues people are having in your chosen subject, and then find solutions for these problems and issues.

This is why I said earlier you won’t be just chasing the shiny object syndrome because you will be helping others first and when the money comes to you that will be bye-product of your hard work and efforts.

Three popular niches are:

Health and fitness






These are subjects everyone is looking for help and answers too, and ways of improving their lives with.

What steps do you need to take once you know your niche?

Step 1: What can you offer?

What do you have of value to offer?

Even if you are promoting other people’s products or good at driving traffic to your website. You must bring something of value to the equation for this to be a success.

Step 2: How will you generate your traffic?

As with any business starting out you need to know where you customers are? Ask yourself How can you find your target market, your customers for your chosen niche, right now.

You need to figure this out before you start or you won’t have anyone interested in what you are doing from the start.

Step 3: A conversion strategy!

No matter if you put up a banner. Set up a landing page, place an advert, or write a blog, or even post a YouTube video, you must have some understanding of how the buyers cycle works. So that you can turn your efforts into profits, thus allowing you to make money.

Step 4: Built a list of customers.

This is very neglected by many affiliate marketers. Things are always changing in the online world. It can be a grind hustling for business, so capture the details of the customers you do attract, and this can turn out to be one of the biggest assets you will end up possessing.

Affiliate Marketing is like anything else it has its upsides and it’s downsides. It is hard work but if you have persistence and if don’t mind the hard work, especially in the beginning, then once you have set it up it can reward you with very little effort over and over again.

So now you understand what you need to be thinking about before you get going…

What do you do now!

How to Start Affiliate Marketing for free?

I understand it’s a lot to take in.

If you have taken in what I’ve said about where to begin, and what to think about, then your affiliate marketing journey is under way.

That means you are still keen to give this a go and change your life financially forever, then one of the best ways to fulfill your goals and dreams, using Affiliate Marketing, is to build yourself a website.

Then use your website to write blogs about your chosen niche.(just like the blog you are reading now)

On this website that you own you can capture people’s information by using an email autoresponder, and build that all important email list that I mentioned earlier.( this does not need to be done in the beginning, it can get added when you know a bit more about what you are doing)

Now I hear you say matt…

I haven’t got a clue how to build a website plus I have no idea how to write a blog.

Both are quite easy to learn. It takes less than 5 minutes to build the shell of your website.

Then the rest of how to do affiliate marketing including how to write those all important blogs, you learn at your own pace, and in your own time.

So where do you find the best training online, and a way of building a Website in under 5 minuets.

I found a platform called Wealthy Affiliate. They have every single tool you need to do affiliate marketing right.

The platform is build by Affiliate Marketers for Affiliate Marketers.

It is free to start. Yes you don’t even need a credit card to create your account.

Plus you can have your very own first website up within the next few minutes. This is for Free too.

If you don’t believe me check it out my blog build your own website for yourself CLICK THIS LINK HERE..


If you are just like me and are fed up with your working life as it is. Tired of working for a boss who doesn’t care.

Just do what I did to go from working 50 plus a week to owning my own website and coaching people just like you how to start right from the beginning.

Let’s get serious for a moment.

Things will not change unless you take action. So what if it’s hard work think of the benefit in the long run for you… a shot at living the laptop lifestyle and working from anywhere online.

What is holding you back..it can’t be money as its Free to start at Wealthy Affiliate. You can start your training and look around the platform for 7 days at no charge. This gives you time to see if it is for you.

Is it hard work? Ask yourself this, are you working hard for you boss in your current job? Then why not change that and work hard for yourself in you spare time. And when the commissions get paid it will be to you and not you boss.

Is it the uncertainty of trying it and learning something new? How will you know for sure is this works or not if you don’t try.

MY Bonus offer to you

Join today and you will have me as your personal coach once inside the platform to help you.

Plus My Extra Bonus

Sign up today for free, then if you go to a premium monthly account within 7 days after signing up at your first month will be $19 instead of $49.

Yes I want to take action now and CREATE MY STARTER ACCOUNT TODAY

If you have any more question about how to begin Affiliate Marketing. Please leave me a comment below. I answer all my readers.

Let me know if you found this article helpful.



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6 thoughts on “what is Affiliate Marketing for beginners? – (start an Affiliate Marketing business)”

  1. I feel that the reason people hesitate is because of the comfort zone. Their whole lives, people have been told about going to school, getting a degree in something which interests you, and then working a 9-5. The thing is however, that with the advent of the internet a bunch of new options have appeared and people are just too afraid to explore. Let alone, that the internet isn’t limited. It’s closer to the phrase “The sky is the limit“, than other fields. And some people are just afraid to fly because they don’t have a guarantee of where they’ll end up.

    1. Hii Faheem 

      very nice words and well said. If you feel stuck in life you can always find a way to make things better. This will only happen if you take action, make a plan and get started. I loved the “sky is the limit” quote because it literally is when you go down the Affiliate Marketing route.

      Best of luck to you


  2. Thank you so much for explaining affiliate marketing in such a simple explanation. I feel that as a newbie, I got overwhelmed by all these information and I am just not sure if I really understand the gist of it or if I start from the right step or not. I guess affiliate marketing is just like any other business, you have to know what to sell (niche), know your target market (traffic), business strategy (conversion), build regular (build list). I can relate to all of that. I think my first step should be getting myself educated and take it from there. Wealthy affiliate sounds like a perfect place to try. Will check it out. 

    1. Hi yes I am afraid that knowledge is the king and that is so true when it comes to Affiliate Marketing. You  need the best training and then take it from there. My advice to anyone is get going and take action when you know what niche you are going to get into. you can always work out the plans and stratergies once you are under way. Don’t get bogged down with overthing everything to much. it will all fall into place once you start learning. It’s free to start so there is no time to waste…Good luck see you inside the platform

      Best wishes


  3. This is a very helpful post. One must let go of this shiny object syndrome and focus on helping people. We click on websites to get information and hopefully find the help we are looking for. If a website is all about selling and not so much about helping the reader, I will leave that website in a second. 

    How can you build a list of customers? Is an email responder the best way or are there other ways? And how do you set up a landing page? Is that page within our own website? Is a landing page a page where customers can always go back to or where your main selling point is? I am not sure yet about how to set up a landing page, that’s why I’m asking.

    1. Hi Christine the best way to build up an email list, its to sign up to an autoresponder like mailchimp (free to start) or Aweber (free for 14 days) but they are many more. The Autoresponder gathers all the information for you, you just need to keep getting the traffic to your website. Yes a landing page is what pops up so you can catpure a persons email contact details. Offer them something in return f( like a free course or book) , but it can be anything, for signing up and they will fill out the form.

      At wealthy Affiliate there is unlimited training on how to build a email list.

      Thank you for the message

      best of luck 


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