What is the Chris Luck Membership Method? – (is this website legit)

In this review I will ask what is the Chris Luck Membership Method? Is this product worth it, is it real or not?


If you are somebody who has been looking around online for a way to make some money then the membership method may have crossed your path. Let’s review this and find out if it is a legitimate product or just another way of scamming you out of some money.

I am glad you are looking into this product before just handing over your hard-earned money. It shows you are wise and not someone who just jumps into things head first.

This review will look into exactly what the membership method product is? Then I’ll give my honest option, if I recommend this product or not.


The membership method review – what is the Chris Luck program all about?

This program is built around offering you a training course on how to start, then build and grow a Membership Website.

The website you will be creating will be where members pay subscription fees to you.

There is money to be made on these types of websites, if you know how to get them working for you. These types of websites are not new it’s just you may not have heard about them before.

Name: The Membership Method

Price: $1,497

Website: htpps://themembershipmethod.com

Owner name: Chris Luck

Overall Rank: 7 out of 10

Recommend: YES

[use THIS LINK to get the Membership Method]

In this review of the Membership Method you will find out:

  • What is the Membership Method All about?
  • 6-week training course – all the relevant informantion
  • pros and cons
  • cost
  • bonuses & costs
  • my final verdict on this product
  • an alternative option


Is this website Legit?

Online entrepreneur Chris Luck created this program after many other successful online businesses.

He started venturing into the online working world in 1999 and has gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience of what makes a successful product.

He has created over thirteen online businesses and started working on the membership method in 2007 after seeing the potential on offer. Chris has created many proven methods that can help a membership website grow and prosper. In a word “yes” this is a legit website and the owner is real.


The 6 week training course (a complete Masterclass)

35 step video tutorial system

each video series between 5 to 30 minutes

Week 1: Roadmap

6 – steps:

  • Fundamentals
  • Market Validation
  • Choosing an idea
  • Selecting a name
  • Registering your Domain Name
  • Final checks of the basics

This is where the whole course is mapped out for you. In this module you will be taken through the fundamentals of how this works. If you get the basics right then you can grow and scale up your business by continually bringing in new members, then you will be looking at Market Validation to see if they will be successful, next you will be choosing an idea and selecting a name, understanding why it’s so important to register your domain name and finally going through the checks of the basics to make sure you are set up correctly.

Week 2: Content

6 – steps

  • Strategy
  • Content
  • Base Camp
  • Research Tools
  •  Mining for Gold
  •  Creation of Content

Topics discussed inside this week are how much should you charge? What the content that you add to your website will look like? What will the market place hold for you once you get started? You will be modelling your website after other successful sites, so you will be looking at what’s trending in your chosen niche by using the right tools to find out this information.

You will also look at how to find someone else to write your content for you.

Week 3: Development

6 – steps

  • Live examples
  • Walking through the platform
  • Membership Cloning
  • Design
  • Content
  • Automated Funnels

This module you will be starting to build out your website. You will be looking at Chris’s own successful website and how he built it up to what it is today and also looking at other successful websites.  All his sales funnels and templates will be provided for you in this weeks module.

Week 4: Free Marketing

6 – steps

  •  Free traffic method
  • Blog Creation
  • Mention Monitoring
  • Questions Session
  • Community
  • Spying by Video

This module will look into how to drive the traffic to your website. You will be tapping into Chris’s free methods he has used to grow his successful website and bring guaranteed traffic into your website. The 5 free traffic sources he uses claim to bring him in over one hundred thousand dollars a month. You will be walked through how to do this with him.

Week 5: Paid Advertising

6 – steps

  • Strategic Placement
  • Keywords
  • Video Decodeing
  • Ethical methods
  • Direct Feedback
  • Ambassador Role

You will need a budget for this module as it shows you how to scale up you business using paid traffic. It is less work than the free traffic methods, but will cost you if you want to do this quicker. So this module will depend on if you have any money to spend otherwise you can stick to using the free traffic methods taught in week 4.

Week 6 – Automation

5  – steps

  • Complete checklist
  • operating procedures
  • Automation software
  • Marketplaces
  • Hiring

Chris will show you how to fully automate, design and market your site. The idea is to have a fully automated website working for you. Then you can move onto the next website.

[use THIS LINK to get the Membership Method]

Bonus lessons on offer within the Membership Method

  • learn how to find topic ideas for your site
  • find out the secret to monthly recurring revenue through advanced funneling
  • sign up 100 Members in 30 days
  • how to create a wait list of over a million people
  • he shows you how to gain an unfair advantage over your competitors by audience hacking
  • how to legally use other peoples content

With the membership method platform you have access to a private community for 12 months only. This gives you the opportunity to ask for support, help and feedback. The owner can often be seen here providing assistance for his members.

The Pros

  • live monthly webinars with 1 to 1 help from the owner Chris.
  • a 50% commission affiliate partnership program is on offer.
  • support on offer is via email
  • a system and program that gets proven results
  • a step by step training system for you to follow
  • information is constantly updated for you to stay ahead of competitors
  • you have the freedom to choose your own niche
  • the creator is vastly experienced and knowledgeable within the online world
  • opportunity to make a passive income as long as you have members signing up to your website


  • this can be an expensive way to start your venture into working online if you don’t have enough start up capital
  • can be hard work to hold on to your subscripers who can leave and unsubscribe at any time
  • many extra costs like paid advertising and purchasing a domain name
  • Costs you will need to factor in:
  • The cost of your domain names ( average $15 a year)
  • Website Hosting (approx $30 > 120> more per month)
  • Paid Advertising
  • Automation services
  • Outsourcing

Who is this program target at?

Anyone looking to start their own online membership website business. These websites are a great way of earning a passive income online, through having subscribers paying a membership.

Note : anyone who purchased this program needs to be aware that this is a training program only and other costs including all the tools you would need to start a business are not included.

My final verdict

This is a legitimate product and I do recommend this training program. This is for those who are willing to invest money to start a business.

This has been my review of the membership method I hope you found it helpful?

Name: The Membership Method

Price: $1,497

Website: htpps://themembershipmethod.com

Owner name: Chris Luck

overall rank: 7 out of 10

Recommend: YES

[use THIS LINK to get the Membership Method]

An Alternative option!

Even though I recommend this product please be aware of that it can be costly with the training program costing $1,497 us dollars and all the additional costs to set up your business from scratch.

There is a way to limit your costs in purchasing a domain name, website hosting and getting free traffic to your website. This traning platform provides all this for you. Just be aware that it will take longer, and you will be required to work harder, to reach your target of a passive income. All the tools to do Affiliate marketing are provided for you in one place.

In the membership method you are speeding up the process and limiting the amount of work, to earn an income. Through paying for advertising, outsourcing, and automation. It works on a pay-money out to earn money in method.

If you don’t have the money to pay out and invest in the beginning then it can to hard and expensive to start investing in this way. Personally I did not spend any extra money until I began earning.  Success is still happening for me now!

This platform is where I was taught how to earn a passive income online through my own website.

If you would like to find out how I got successful and learnt everything  about running an online Marketing website, then come and take a look at this training platform for a cheaper way of doing Affiliate Marketing.

This Platform provides you different ways of making money online, plus you will learn how to use all the free methods of bringing in traffic to your website. Then when you are earning the other paid methods will be introduced to you.

This platform also includes a 10 lesson video training for you to start learning for free.

USE THIS LINK to come and find out where I learned to build my passive income and successful business, and yes I really did start it for free. Come and take a look around and when you decide to join you will be greeted by me inside the platform as your personal 1-1 coach, to help you along the way to your success.

Are you serious about making money online? It can be very lucrative for you once you find the right training.

I am always here to help you so let me know if you have any question or comments below.

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